(Not) About Me

I am a twenty-four year old girl, learning to be a wise, strong and loving woman.

I am a white South African who was born in the final years of apartheid and started grade 1 in the new South Africa.  I am privileged and defined by my cultural heritage: I seek to find more ethical ways of becoming and creating space for change and acknowledgment of others' humanness and difference.

I am a reader who realises that good books can change me for the better only as much as I am open to the change.

I am a writer aware of the limitations, inadequacies and complicated beauty of language.  I try to wield this craft a little better every day, and I learn even more when I am brave enough to dare.

I believe in the "better": in good and in evil.  I believe that love (agape) is what is good, not my sexual orientation or the colour of my skin.

But most importantly, I believe it's not about me.